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Wargames Delivered Apoxie Sculpt Color Kits for Molding, Creative Styles, Filling, and Home Decor with Adhesive Power Waterproof Air Dry Clay by Aves

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About this item

  • LET'S RESTORE YOUR SMILE: You are surrounded by broken stuff, whether your furniture, floor, even your favorite jewelry. What if you got sculpting clay that fixed everything even your broken smile? 
  • BRING YOUR CREATIVITY TO LIFE: The clay for sculpting dries when exposed to air, it doesn't need an oven, its sticky like the putty ability to any surface makes it classic for all modeling techniques
  • SUPERIOR DETAILS: The molding clay is smooth and holds fine details with water & varied consistency, worked for 3 hours. It is waterproof once dry, making it ideal for outdoor and garden activities
  • NO SHRINKING OR CRACKING: You can easily work with epoxy clay. Your artwork will be solid and durable enough to endure a lifetime. It won't crack or shrink like some other modeling substances
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We hope you will love our product as there are more surprises waiting inside the product packaging
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