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Fixit Sculpt - 2 Part Epoxy Modeling Clay Compound - 1 lb.

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Are you looking for an air dry sculpting clay that works for your different needs? May it be for your simple water leakage repair or intricate sculpting projects, Fixit Sculpt does the job for you. Fixit Sculpt is not just a repair putty but also a clay for arts and crafts. It adheres to various textures such as ceramic, stone, plastic, polymers, fiberglass, wood, bone and metals. No wonder this product does not only work as an epoxy filler. It can also be used for model making, restorations, ceramic statue work, antler and bone art, and marine projects too. This requires no baking at all. Our modeling clay is self-hardening. While other products get dry and hard fast. Fixit Sculpt won't start drying until it is mixed. Just mix the two part clay modeling compound until you achieve the consistency that you like, and start working on your projects. Fixit Sculpt does not dry out easily, giving you ample time to work. It is workable for 4 hours before it starts curing. It is firm enough to hold small details. 24 hours later, you get a full cure rock hard finish. Truly, a clay that dries hard. Expect no cracking, chipping or even shrinking pieces. Once dry, this repair putty all purpose compound can also be sanded and painted. It is highly recommended to wear protective gloves when mixing the clay compound.
  • NOT ONLY A REPAIR CLAY - Fixit Sculpt molds firm enough for intricate sculpting and modeling
  • YOUR EFFORTS WON'T BE WASTED - No cracking and shrinking even after this no bake clay gets cured
  • WORKABLE FOR 4 HOURS - You have enough time to work until this self hardening clay starts to cure
  • EASY TO MOLD TO WORKABLE CONSISTENCY- Mix two parts together until you get that perfect consistency
  • WATERPROOF EPOXY - Fixit Sculpt air dry modeling clay is waterproof, great for plumbing and outdoor display repairs

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