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The Army Painter

The Army Painter - Anti Shine Matt Varnish (400ml/13.5oz)

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The AEGIS SUIT Satin Varnish will protect any tabletop or roleplaying miniature & model from the wear and tear of the battlefield. Unlike the ANTI-SHINE Matt Varnish developed for Quickshade, the AEGIS SUIT will leave a slight satin finish on your models and is ultra-protective on any acrylic surface. Protect the paintwork you have painstakingly put into your models by using this high-quality satin varnish: the AEGIS SUIT will not let you or your models down.
  • CUSTOM HIGH QUALITY SATIN VARNISH: Leaves a slight satin finish on your models
  • BORN FROM GAMING: Get awesome painted plastic models or craft on the table for a great game!
  • PROTECT YOUR MINIS: Developed for Quickshade, it is ultra-protective on any acrylic surface
  • GIVES AN ELEGANT AND FINISHED LOOK: Make your miniatures look finished with this satin varnish spray
  • WILL NOT CRACK AND CHANGE COLORS: Preserves all colors. If applied properly, it will never crack
  • ACRYLIC, NONTOXIC - This varnish is Acrylic-based, transparent matte and dries very quickly
  • LET PAINT DRY BEFORE USING: Let the Quickshade dry for minimum 48 hours before using the varnish

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