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The Army Painter

The Army Painter - Tufts: Swamp

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You want to add little details and realism to the bases of your miniatures, military diorama or wargaming layout? And you are searching for something life-like and easy to apply? Don't search anymore. The Army Painter XP miniature basing series can provide the best addition to your terrain materials.

The tufts are very easy to apply. All you need is pull them off the sheet and stick them onto the base. Depending on your imagination and goals the tufts will be enough to base 2 or 3 dozens of models. They will surely last a long while and will make your miniature toys worth to remember.

Each package comes with 12 large, 35 medium and 30 small tufts, securely attached to a sheet. However, the tufts are easy to pull off for use, our tweezers set will help you to pick them up. It's also very easy to glue them to a base, use the super glue. After that pick up the base by the tuft glued to it and shake it. You have our guarantee that the tuft will remain where it was and will be as beautiful as before shaking it.

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