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The Army Painter

The Army Painter - Guildball: Kick Off! Paint Set

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So you think you have what it takes to make something of yourself in the Empire of Free Cities, eh Rookie? Heh, You’ve got a lot to learn then...Take your first steps on the road to greatness by kicking your team into shape and getting match-ready with these 16 specially selected paints, specially selected to bring out the best from the Brewers and Masons!

  • Complete set of 16 Warpaints — Get all 16 vibrant colors in this special miniature painting kit from one of The Army Painter’s License Warpaints ranges
  • Paint quickly and start gaming — Perfect workable consistency; neither too thick nor too thin, the Warpaints in this miniatures paint set are easy to apply and manipulate like all the others from The Army Painter’s product line
  • Dropper cap to prevent drying — Get the exact amount you need with the ergonomically designed dropper bottle, so you won’t be wasting any paint.
  • Includes The Army Painter painting guide — A colorful booklet that contains a comprehensive guide on how to speed-paint any army to a high-standard finish

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