The Army Painter and Wargames Delivered Mega Hobby Paint Set: A Detailed Look

Do you have unpainted miniatures? With the release of their new miniature paint set, Wargames Delivered is offering a full-fledged selection of miniature paints for all your hobby needs. This set features over 55 miniature paints with an assortment of colors to suit any type of miniature painting need. The Army Painter and Wargames Delivered Mega Hobby Paint Set also includes some great tools like brushes, paint mixing pots, and more! This set is perfect for any new or veteran miniature painter or modeler who wants to expand their miniature painting skills.

In this article we will be taking a close look at Mega Selection Hobby Paint Set by Wargames Delivered. It is comprehensive miniature paint set with the colors and tools to suit any type of miniature painting need.

Summary: What's Included in the Set?

The Wargames Delivered Mega Selection Hobby Paint set is the best miniature painting kit for those looking to start painting with a broad color palette. The paint set includes the core essential supplies you need to get started, or provide experienced miniature artist with a quick boost to their model paint collection. Here's what you get in the set!

  • 55 Army Painter warpaints
  • 4 Hobby brushes
  • 5 Empty Mixing Bottles
  • 100 Mixing balls
wargames mega selection box close up

If you're looking to paint tabletop gaming miniatures, board game models, or RPG miniatures, e.g., DnD, Pathfinder, this is all you'll need to dive right in. One thing to note, the miniature paint set does come with a grey colored brush-on primer in a dropper bottle. Check out this article about how to use brush-on primers. 

mega selection product box

Later on, when you're ready, it's recommended that you later add a white and black primer to extend your painting journey. Black, white, and gray colored primers will give you access to a much wider range of painting techniques.

gray brush on primer

Read on for a more detailed look at the Wargames Delivered Mega Selection Hobby Set.

The Best Miniature Paint Set for Every Hobbyist: Here's Why!

The core foundation of the Mega Selection Set is the broad range of Army Painter acrylic paint. Army Painter Acrylic paints are high quality paints that are perfect for miniature painting. They have a smooth, matte finish and are water-based, making them easy to clean up. The colors are vibrant and true to the paint swatch, and they dry quickly. 

mega selection contents

I'll also note that you'll be happy to find that the paint bottles have dropper tops! This makes it super easy to control the amount of paint you're using and prevents wastage. No more squeezing the bottle until paint comes out and ruining your brush in the process. Some hobby paint brands use flip-top lids that are prone to poor closure, e.g., faster dry out, waste, and vulnerable to spillage. 

High Quality Acrylic Paints: The "Tried and True" Army Painter Brand Color Formulae

Including the Army Painter Color Formulae in the Wargames Delivered Mega Selection Hobby Paint Set is a smart choice, as these paints have been tried and true for miniature painters. You're guaranteed great results with miniature painting, no matter what level of experience you have. As a commissioned miniature painter, I can also tell you that the acrylic paint colors from Army Painter are highly regarded by many professional miniature painters.

What should you look for in good acrylic model paints? The best paint you can use for miniature painting have extremely smooth flow, great coverage with perfect consistency for painting fine details on models. With practice, beginner painters will find Army Painter colors are easy to thin acrylic paints that make brush strokes smooth and predictable. 

For example, flesh tone colors are common colors anyone will need for painting a tabletop mini wargaming collection. The importance of having a good flesh tone paint in your miniature paint set can't be overstated. The Wargames Delivered Mega Selection Hobby Paint Set has an excellent flesh tone color gamut, as well as other colors that are essential for painting human and miniature figures. 

The paint set also include five metallic colors which are great for adding realistic shine and pop to your miniature subjects. Metallic paints along with other effect paints in the set, such as "rust" and "blood", give you the tools to weather and age your models to give them that gritty battlefield look. 

The inclusion of the highly regarded soft, strong, and dark tone washes give you the ability to quickly add contrast to your models as well. Contrast is the key to creating that standout, 3D-look in any painted miniature. Note that good hobby desk lighting is helpful for keeping your miniature painting contrast high, since you’ll be able to see light and shadow. 

Hobby Brushes for Multiple Painting Techniques: Simple and Advanced

The Army Painter miniature paint set also comes with four of starter brushes that are great for new miniature painters. These are synthetic bristle brushes, which are more resilient to abuse and haphazard care. As you get more comfortable with the hobby, you may want to upgrade to these brushes when you are ready to commit to the hobby. Here's a useful guide about paint brushes for miniature painting. 

In my experience, while there are always great tools you can find to help you along with miniature painting, finding the right brush for your work is essential for long term enjoyment. The Wargames Delivered Mega Selection Hobby Paint Set offers brushes with the ever-useful pointed round shape bristles. These types of brushes are versatile for a number of different miniature painting techniques, both simple and advanced. 

The set comes with four brushes in the fine detail range of sizes (estimated around size #000 to #1). This give you a wide range of miniature painting control for your needs when painting details on scale models and wargaming figures.

Other Useful Accessories

The Wargames Delivered Hobby Paint Set also includes a number of other miniature painting accessories that are often hard to find or cost extra. This set includes empty dropper bottles for storing (and dispensing) your custom color mixtures, metal agitating mixing balls to help you stir up settled paint in dropper bottles, and--as mentioned--a host of wonderfully useful colors for a wide color gamut for painting any genre and type of model you can think of, e.g., historical military, sci-fi, fantasy and more!

If there is something missing, it may be the lack of a dedicated palette, such as the Army Painter Wet Palette. Although I don't think anyone needs a special palette for painting miniatures, it can be a helpful tool for mixing large batches of colors at once. Wargames Delivered might want to consider adding this to a future miniature paint set release.

In short, the Wargames Delivered Mega Selection Hobby Paint Set is an excellent miniature painting set that has everything you need to get started, and even includes some great tools. 

Who is the Mega Selection Hobby Paint Set for?

If you haven't figured it out by now, the Mega Selection Hobby Paint Set is for miniature painters of all levels of experience and interest. Whether you are a beginner just getting into the hobby, or an experienced miniature painter looking to expand your toolkit, this paint set has something for you. 

How to Use the Paint Set 

Here are a few quick snap shots of a model I painted using the paints and colors from the Wargames Delivered Mega Selection Paint Set. This is the "Pheromancer" miniature from the tabletop wargame, Conquest The Last Argument of Kings (Para Bellum). 

I started with a bare plastic model, which I then primed using the included Army Painter primer in the miniature paint set. I then applied subsequent basecoats of blue paint, that I slowly layered up to the highlight color. 

For the bone-colored parts of the model, e.g., armor plating, I used an ivory paint tone mixed with white. All the paint colors on this model were either used directly from the dropper bottle, thinned with a tiny dab of water, or mixed with other colors, e.g., for highlighting or shading.

Using the included darkening washes, I increased the contrast on these bone color parts of the model. To keep my workflow "clean", I made sure to allow each layer of paint to dry before moving onto the next. For the most part, I followed the painting instruction on the Army Painter booklet that was included in the Mega Selection Paint set. 

To really push the model to another level, I played around with using different homemade glazes, e.g., transparent, thinned paints, that allowed me to accent the model with other colors. For example, the purple and green shades you see in the shadows by the staff, as well as creating the glow effect from the lantern above the model's head. 

If you're new to miniature painting, then don't pressure yourself to jump to advanced painting techniques right away. Painting this particular model in this style and technique took me years to learn and practice. And, in this case, painting this single model took me nearly 8 hours to get to the final point you see in the photo above. 

All in all, the purpose of showing you this painting example is to give you an idea of how useful and powerful this painting set is when you know how to leverage color theory, painting techniques, and your imagination. 

Pros/Cons of Using the Wargames Delivered Mega Selection Hobby Paint Set

After tallying up all of the pros and cons of using the Wargames Delivered Mega Selection Hobby Paint Set, I came up with the following list:


  • You get a lot of high quality miniature paint color for your money
  • Comes with a variety of great tools, like brushes, paint pots, and more!
  • Perfect for miniature painters of all levels of experience
  • Includes The Army Painter miniature painting guide booklet (great, easy to follow mini painting instructions)
  • Affordable price tag


  • Starter brushes are useful, but should be upgraded at some point
  • No wet palette (but unnecessary to jump into the painting hobby)
  • Unpainted miniatures sold separately (but, you already have these don't you?)

Overall, I highly recommend the Wargames Delivered Mega Selection Hobby Paint Set to miniature painters of all levels of experience and interest. With over 50 miniature colors and mediums to choose from, this set gives you the ability to paint any miniature you want, in any color scheme you can imagine. 

Final Thoughts 

If you are a miniature painter and have been looking for an affordable paint set to add to your toolkit, then the Wargames Delivered Mega Selection Hobby Paint Set is perfect for you. This miniature painting kit comes with over 50 miniature paints that cover every need or want in any model type of miniature painters. 

The Army Painter guide booklet will also help miniature painters of all levels to understand the color theory and painting techniques used to paint this miniature. As for the starter brushes that are included in this set, they can be easily upgraded down the line as your miniature painting skills progress. 

All in all, I highly recommend this miniature paint set for anyone who wants to get into miniature painting or wants to expand their miniature painting skills. Thanks for reading!

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Choosing paints for your miniature can be an overwhelming and sometimes frustrating experience, especially for entry-level painters. It’s why paint brands like Vallejo, Citadel, Army Painter, and Reaper always make a starter kit.

But, if you‚Äôve asked most advanced painters for advice on a good starter kit for your miniature painting, there‚Äôs probably one thing they always say, ‚Äúbuy paints individually as you need them instead of sets.‚ÄĚ Advanced mini painters believe that when bundled in a kit, they are not much cheaper, and you‚Äôll get loads of colors you‚Äôll probably never use.

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