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The Army Painter

Dungeons and Dragons Official Miniature Painting Kit Bundle

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This exclusive DnD painting kit comes with:

  • 46 non-toxic water-based acrylic paints for models in 12 ml precision dropper bottles
  • Adventurer's Paint Set includes: 10 Warpaints (8 acrylic, 1 metallic, and 1 primer), 1 Starter Brush and 1 D&D Minsc and Boo Miniature.
  • Monsters Paint Set includes: 36 Warpaints (28 acrylic, 3 metallic, 3 washes and 2 effects paints) and 1 D&D Owlbear Monster Miniature.
  • Nolzurs Marvelous Brush Set includes: three German hand-made model paint brushes; 1 basecoat brush, 1 detail brush, and 1 drybrush (for applying highlights)

Making this one of the top selections of sets & colors for your Dungeons and Dragons miniatures.