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Paint Sets for Everyone 

At Wargames Delivered, you will find a wide range of The Army Painter Paint Sets from the Dungeons and Dragons collection to Zombicide collections, and everything in between. 

Each set is designed to cater to the colors, shades, and materials typically found in miniatures from these games, or allow you to create your very own custom set.

It’s time to bring your miniature armies to life with realistic color that lasts even with heavy use. Explore a variety of interesting surfaces, and vibrant shades that you can apply to both metal and plastic figurines.

There is an Army Painter paint set for everyone, regardless of experience in painting miniatures:

Easy Starter Paint Sets to Learn With 

The Army Painter’s paint sets are available in starter sets to help ease you into the world of painting without a huge commitment. 

Start with basic colors and shades, and learn the basic painting techniques that renowned painters in the gaming community have been using for years to bring their minis to life.

Build your miniature army with uniform pigmentation and even glazing that only a quality product line like Army Painter can provide. 

Perfect for beginner and intermediate painters learning the ropes and just starting to level up their painting skills.

Veteran Paint Sets for Ultra Realism 

Army Painter’s paint sets open up the world of fantasy with realistic possibilities. 

With an ergonomic design, the smart dropper allows finer control of detail and shading whether you are working with warpaints or Quickshade washes. 

At Wargames Delivered, there’s a paint set for everyone. Restock your favorite shades with starter sets or get the full range of pigment from Army Painters with a deluxe complete set for all your tabletop painting needs.

From grotesque monsters to elegant and surreal player characters, various tones and pigments allow you to create a range of minis that have such realistic detail that they are poised to come alive on the mat, all with minimal mixing and blending for true color every time.

Is Army Painter Paint Any Good? 

With a variety of textures, tones, and colors, Army Painter paints are the ideal choice for painters looking to achieve a lifelike look. 

From skin tones to metallic rifles and swords, or flowing robes and old tomes, these paints can accommodate a range of textures and hues with the right layering techniques.

Known as the official hobbyists’ painter set, Army Painter paint sets are loved by painters and gamers alike. 

Select your set based on your game of choice’s official color line for different scenarios, or explore other textures, colors, and tones to design something truly unique.

What are The Different Types of Warpaints?

Acrylic warpaint is designed to complement a range of applications and layering methods for expert painting techniques. 

Quickshade washes are extra heavy pigment that allows you to easily create depth and shade, add color tone and achieve perfect shading on your army set miniatures in one quick application.

Metallic warpaint’s pigmentation is very fine, allowing for perfect metallic reflections without the coarse grain effect seen in many metallic paints. 

Effects warpaints are usually the last you will paint onto a miniature because of its glossiness.

Are Army Painter Paints Water-Based? 

Yes, the warpaints are water-based and can be diluted with water to create a wash for lighter application and detailed work.  

Alternatively, acrylic paint can be diluted with your choice of acrylic medium to create new and unique textures.

The water-based nature of this paint allows it to be applied in many ways, whether you are mixing it with an airbrush thinner or painting it onto your minis with a paintbrush. 

Are Army Painter Paints Flammable? 

The Army Painter paints are non-toxic, water-based acrylic paints that are non-flammable, allowing them to be used in airbrush machines and other heat-based applications. 

These paints are formulated to prevent corrosion when in contact with custom materials as well, allowing you to go beyond minis and paint custom scenes with ease.

The Best Paints for Miniatures

Whether you are just getting started or looking for the next step in your mini model painting adventure, the Army Painters paint set features a range of colors and textures that open the door to endless possibilities. 

Each Warpaint pigment is non-toxic, with the smart droppers allowing precise application of the long-lasting paint for exquisite detail. 

Recognized as some of the best paints in the industry for painting miniatures, The Army Painter’s paint sets are inexpensive and feature an extensive range of colors, textures, and exclusive themed figurines.

Use Army Painter Paint Sets with These Popular Tabletop Games

Select your custom colors with a complete Warpaint set, or design for a specific scenario with specially formulated colors for several popular tabletop games. 

With an Army Painters paint set and your imagination, you can bring any world to life with unique characters and lifelike textures.


Are you ready to splatter, gore, and rush your way to victory? Not without perfectly painted minis! 

With official paint sets straight from the game, you’ll love the gruesome detail an Army Painters paint set can help you achieve with each mini without spending hours frustrated with the details. 

Whether you’re trying to create a bombshell blonde survivor or ghastly monsters straight from a prison outbreak scenario, these paint sets have everything you need to get the story rolling.

Dungeons and Dragons 

Old school 2nd edition gamers, homebrew lovers, and modern 5th edition newcomers alike will all enjoy the range of paints available at Wargames Delivered. 

Create terrifying monsters with the D&D Official monsters paint line or express the desires of your inner fantasy author with the D&D Official adventurer’s paint set, all with the same consistency and vibrant pigments gamers have come to expect from Army Painters.

Kings of War 

No Kings of War game is complete without dirty ogres, faction-loyal dwarves, and fearsome greenskins. So why are your minis left unpainted?

These paint sets are the perfect choices for beginner and veteran painters alike seeking true-to-color minis. 

Are you ready to battle, immersed in the realism of quality paintwork? It’s time to create textures from bone to fur with minimal work. Wargames Delivered can help you bring these characters to life, from the ogres of Mammoth Steppe or dwarves of Iron guard troop.

…And Many More 

Are you ready to explore a new tabletop game? From hobbyist to professional model figure painting, the possibilities are endless with Army Painter paint sets.

Repurpose another set or create your own with a complete Wargamers paint set with smart dropper bottles and Wargamer brushes to add precision details.

Bring Your Minis to Life 

With your new paint set from Army Painter, you will learn how to help your character’s personality shine through no matter what world or game system they are placed in. With these paints, even generic grey minis turn into vibrant, lifelike gems traversing stories of every kind.

Are you ready to start exploring your universe of color and texture? Choose your paint set and bring your minis to life with just a few brushstrokes.

Realistic Paint Textures 

From hidden treasures to ethereal characters, these paints will help you bring out the true textures that your world needs, immersing players even further into each session. 

Give your characters the realism they deserve or integrate a new type of ambiance into your setting with otherworldly ghouls and monsters. Whatever your campaign needs, an Army Painter paint set can help you achieve it.

These paint sets provide reliable, precision coverage necessary for seamlessly blending tones and using brushes and other materials to create every type of texture imaginable.

Vibrant Paint Colors 

Each paint set contains a highly pigmented formula that is designed to brush onto all types of mini bases and custom scene builds with true color every time. 

From deep hues of garnet to pristine metallic sheens, these paints will last for years to come with the same vibrancy as the first brushstroke. 

Discover a variety of worlds in color from individual module sets from popular tabletop games, or build your own custom pigment selection with a complete Warpaint set.

Prime, paint, seal, and your characters will take on a new form. 

Wargames Delivered: Your Source for Army Painter Paint Sets 

Discover the range of Army Painter paint sets today and bring your characters to life with ultra-realistic color and depth that is unmatched by any other paint set. 

Dedicated to connecting gaming communities together and enriching tabletop play, Wargames Delivered is your top online source for paints, miniatures, wargaming systems, brushes, and anything else you need to create a fantastical world with lifelike characters and rich storytelling. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran painter, it has never been easier to try your hand at painting. We partner directly with manufacturers to offer gamers the lowest prices and the fastest shipping to best facilitate each new adventure on tabletops around the world.

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