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Army Painter Spray Primers

The Colour Spray Primer were the first 2-in-1 primer and basecoat solution in the hobby industry! Saving you time and money with one simple coat. Color Airbrush Primers feature a unique formulation that is specially designed for use on plastic, resin, and metal miniatures. The extra-fine pigments and matt finish perfectly prepare your miniatures for their first coats of paint, which makes it the best spray primer for miniatures. Whether you’re painting a miniature, great noble houses, unit, or entire army, you can Get More Time for Gaming by beginning with Colour Airbrush Primer Sprays.

  • MATCHES COLOR 100% - Our color battletech primer spray paints are made to match our line of Warpaints!

  • BORN FROM GAMING - Get awesome painted models on the table, and be all set for a great game!

  • SERVES TWO PURPOSE AT ONCE - A traditional primer and a highly pigmented colour spray paint in one! 

  • ACRYLIC AND FAST DRYING - All Army Painter primers are Acrylic based, matte, and dry very quickly.

  • EXCELLENT COVERAGE - Primer spray paint that leaves a perfect full-coverage finish on any surface!

  • PRIMER FOR ALL - Specially pigmented primer spray paints is perfect for all paint jobs.

  • UNIQUE COLORS- Our Army Painter primer paint has over 22 colours to choose from! We have the best black spray primer for miniatures that can be utilized as the best primer for metal miniatures or the best primer for plastic miniatures! 

  • SPEED PAINTING- With the Army Painter primer, getting your army fully painted has never been faster

  • VERSATILITY- Our Colour Primers' unique formula is designed for metal, plastic, and resin miniatures. Feel free to use it as a vallejo surface primer or a tamiya surface primer!

  • All of their products are always affordable and high-quality, and we expect these to be no different. Considering their current line is already spectacular, it’s cool to see them expanding it!

    Still, it’s not just about pilling up paints for your next painting project. You also need to get a primer to help your paint level well and last long. This product can be considered the best airbrush primer for miniatures.

    The good news is that Army painter also has some line of primers to match their paint colors. But, are they really worth the money? Will they apply thinly and consistently enough to retain detail, hold paint well, and sit properly on any material they’re applied on?

    Are Army Painter Primers Good?

    Army Painter primers are great if you don’t mind the semi-gloss look they offer.
    The biggest compliment I’ll give to Army painter primers is that they provide your paint with a fine flat surface, so they stick well. Plus, they’re not so thick that applying thin coats and good consistency to retain details is impossible.

    Pros – Army Painter Primer
  • Perfect for miniatures
  • Low priced
  • Sticks well 
  • It doesn’t hide details
  • Easy to use
  • Cons – Army Painter Primer
  • it may give chalky or grainy results
  • Will Army Painter Primer Make Your Paint Look Better?

  • There are so many brands out there producing top-notch primers, so the paints look exceptional. Army Painter paints won’t match up to many of these brands, like Vallejo, but their primers make your paint look better.

  • You can get your painted miniatures looking like branded showroom models by ensuring it’s well shaken at least two minutes before use and spraying from a correct distance from the miniature. Else, the paint may dry faster and cause grainy textures. 

  • The Finish You’ll Get With The Army Painter Primer

    Army painter primers come out with a slightly glossy and matte finish, depending on the results you want.

    However, you could also get chalky results when spraying too far away from the model or when the primer is too hot (or dry out). The chalky finish is caused by the pigment separating from the medium when you spray too far.

    To minimize this effect, always shake the primer, whether in the spray can or pot, for two minutes before use. Alternatively, warm the can under lukewarm water (avoid using hot water as it might cause more harm). Also, don’t hold the can too far from the model when priming.

    Will Army Painter Primer Maintain The Miniature’s Details?
    Army painter primers make small details visible even after laying two thin coats.
    Then again, that doesn’t mean it can’t go on a bit thicker and mute the details on your minis. How well the primer maintains the miniature’s details depends on how well you shake them and how thick the coats are. Just make sure to lay only thin coats and shake the primer well before use.

    How Is It To Use The Army Painter Primer?
    Whether you prefer a brush-on, airbrush, or spray application, applying Army painter primers with any of these techniques is possible, and you’ll get a fine-leveled and primed surface.

    The only downside of using the spray can is that it doesn’t seem to last very long, and controlling the stream of primer can be tasking.

    If you are using The army Painter Warpaint Air primer with an airbrush, the case is reversed. An airbrush allows for quick and satisfactory results. Plus, the 17ml bottle of primers lasts longer. 

    Just get an airbrush with a 0.3mm needle.

    Humidity and temperature make priming a hassle. With the Army painter primers, you’d have more success spraying below-freezing temperatures. The fact that you easily clean these primers with water also makes them easy to use. 

  • How Many Coats Do You Need With The Army Painter’s Primer
    Army painter primers, especially color primers combine color pigments with the primer solvent to form a primer.

    Hence, they may have a slightly thicker concentration than most primers. On the other hand, a single thin coat won’t properly cover base details, so paints may likely not blend well.

    For this reason, two thin coats are better than a single thick or thin coat.
    How Long Does It Take To Dry?

    Technically, the humidity of the environment or workspace often determines the drying time of the primer.

    At normal humidity (70°F to 75°F), you can expect the primer to fully cure in 2 hours.

    Does It Stick Well To Miniatures?

    As far as coverage goes, Army painter primers will stick well to your small figures. It doesn’t hide details either. Once dried, they form a resistant surface that makes it possible to lay several coats of paint.

    Will It Make Your Paint Last Longer?

    One of the biggest benefits of Army painter primers is that they are hard-wearing.

    While most miniature painters that because they are on the cheap side, they’ll be low quality, Army painter primer is pretty solid. They won’t rub off easily, especially after painting your minis.

    In fact, the paint can last up to 10 years without losing its shine.

  • Colour Primers feature a unique formulation that is specially designed for use on plastic, resin, and metal miniatures. The extra-fine pigments and matt finish perfectly prepare your miniatures for their first coats of paint.

    How to Prime Metal Miniatures?

  • Spray in one. The Colour Primers unique formula has been designed to be used on all metal, plastic, and resin miniatures and leaves a perfect finish. In stock Quantity: Add to cart Buy now swap-horizontal Add to compare Description An ingenious combination of Primer and Colour Spray in one. The Colour Primers unique formula has been designed to be used on all metal, plastic, and resin miniatures and leaves a perfect finish. The extra-fine pigment and special nozzle combination make the Colour Primers easily cover the first time.

    This Miniatures Primer Has Almost 30 Colors To Choose From
    If you’re thinking of painting an infantry or the Charnovokh dynasty from the Necron codex, the good news is that Army painter has over 20 color-based primers that match perfectly with the colored paints.

    They include:

    (Wolf Grey, Leather Brown, Uniform Grey, Green Skin, Gunmetal,  Daemonic Yellow, Matt Black, Matt White, Barbarian Flesh, Skeleton Bone, Desert Yellow, Fur Brown, Pure Red, Dragon Red, Angel Green, Ultramarine Blue, Chaotic Red, Goblin Green, Crystal Blue, Necrotic Flesh, Alien Purple, Greedy Gold, Plate Mail Metal, Ash Gret, Oak Brown, Brainmatter Beige, Deep Blue, Pixie Pink, Hydra Turquoise)

  • The Army Painter’s Primer Is Priced Competitively
    Army painter primers are typically cheaper than many from brands like Citadel. In fact, you’ll get an Army Painter primer at half the price of a Citadel primer.
    For instance, the Matt Black in 400 ml cans is priced at a competitive rate as opposed to Citadels Chaos Black, which sells for $13.50.

    The Army Painter Primer Is A Great Option For Miniatures
    I’ve used Army painter primers on my miniatures ad love them for their wide color range and the fact that they go down perfectly smooth. Plus, they worked well for tiny or fine details on my 10mm micro armor mini.

    Hence, they’re a great choice for miniatures.

    Important Tips When Using This Primer Of Army Painter:

  • Shake the can thoroughly for 2 minutes before use, so the color pigment mixes well and doesn’t look grainy. 

  • If the workspace is cold, let the primer sit in warm water (at 90 to95°F) for several minutes.

  • Always shake after removing from the warm water.

  • Be sure to spray from a distance and shake the primer can thoroughly before use. 

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