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The Army Painter

The Army Painter - Kings of War: Dwarfs Paint Set

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Dwarfs are expert craftsmen, workers of metal beyond compare and their warsmiths experiment endlessly. Their armour and weaponry are the envy of the world, their technology giving them superior advantage in times of war, yet all of it can be bought, for a price.

The Dwarfs paint set has a colour palette that has been designed to enable you to paint any type of Dwarf army, including their war machines and detailed weaponry.


  • Customize your minis and start gaming — Get all the colors you need to paint your Dwarf army, including their war machines and detailed weaponry, with this special custom paint set.
  • Paint fast like a pro — This model paint kit includes 10 acrylic paints, designed to enable you to paint an unforgettable army of dwarfs
  • Ideal opacity smooth application — With the perfect workable viscosity and with neither thick nor thin consistency.
  • Create endless colour schemes — Each paint in this miniatures paint set is color-packed and provides a solid coverage; they not only work well with color primers, washes and highlighters.

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