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The Army Painter

The Army Painter - Hobby Brush: Basecoating

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The Army Painter Hobby Brush Series: Basecoating Brush offers budding hobbyists the perfect brush to learn the ins and outs of putting the first layers of paint after you prime your washed miniatures.

This mini paint brush isn't too thin to make basecoating a time-consuming task, but it isn't too thick either, which can create pools of unnecessary paint on your minis. With the right thickness of the bristles head, our miniatures paintbrush holds enough paint, so you won't have to reload every after one stroke and covers enough surface to make basecoating less tedious. And you don't need to buy other wargamer brushes to do the job.

Made of the finest quality Toray hair, the bristles spring back adequately and hold paint nicely. This type of hair isn't just durable but also affordable and among the easiest to use war painter brushes for entry-level miniature painters.

TIP FOR BASECOATING: When basecoating, thinning your base paint is crucial. Thick paint will only obscure the fine details of your miniature. Ideally, you'd want that melted ice cream-like consistency, which calls for a 2 parts paint, 1 part water ratio.

CARING FOR YOUR BRUSH: Don't let paint get into the ferrule of your miniature paintbrushes. In case this happens, make sure to wash them off before storing. Condition the bristles regularly to keep the shape longer.

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