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The Army Painter

The Army Painter Plastic Frame Cutter

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Cut from the sprue tree, trim excess plastic and get your miniatures ready for painting with The Army Painter Plastic Frame Cutter

This plastic cutter tool and mouldline remover is essential in prepping your miniatures removing them from sprues, getting rid of mold lines and basically cleaning them up before gluing and painting.

Designed by wargamers for wargamers

The Plastic Models Frame Cutter is for wargaming plastic miniatures and you should not use it for cutting metal if you want to not lose its precision. Made from stainless steel and with safety grip handle, it is sharp and precise, although less durable than the Precision Side Cutter.

Use on plastic miniatures Use this hobby tool for trimming and cutting bits on plastic miniatures.

NOTE: Always put the flat side towards the part you want to keep.