The Army Painter Quickshade Miniature Varnish for Miniature Painting, Dark Tone (250 ml)

    Hundred of miniatures to paint, so little time? SAVE TIME PAINTING! The Army Painter Quickshade Dark Tone is a must-have in your miniature painting arsenal. It is specifically engineered to add highlights, effects, and color-richness on models for much less time, cutting the paintwork by more than half.

    The Quickshade is a pigment-based solution. Using it with the famous, old-known dipping technique, you'll end up with colors that come through fantastically.

    Dark Tone Variant:

    The dark tone is based on a strong black pigment, making it much darker than the brown-based strong tone variant. It isn't just the best for armor and metal but also for furry animals, machines, knights and models needing a sharp contract.

    No more dealing with too many details 

    When you're working on a bunch of mobs for a game, you can ditch the time-consuming addition of details with different washes and paints. Just give them a nice even coat and let Quickshade give a consistent shading across all your minis.

    Brushing Method:

    If you prefer the brushing method, use a brush that you don't plan to use for much else. The varnish leaves a sticky, oily residue that may not wash out with just plain water.

    The Quickshade is designed and formulated to work with 10-28 millimeters (mm) scale miniatures.

    TIP: If the end result is too glossy for your taste, use The Army Painter Anti-Shine Matte Varnish (sold separately) to remove the shine and add more depth. Just a quick blast is all you need.

    • REALISTIC DETAILS and DEPTH - Turn average paint jobs into fantastic and have miniatures you’re not embarrassed to set on the table and play with. Use Quickshade varnish to create a coherent-looking force
    • EFFECTIVE SHADING EFFECT and PROTECTIVE COAT - Dark tone works with most colors. It’s the ultimate shading tone for metal and armor and is superb for minis the need a sharp contrast
    • FINISH A BATTALION OF MINIATURES QUICKLY - Essential miniature painting supplies to finish a bulk of figurines in less time and still with good results. Use either the dipping technique or brushing method
    • ENOUGH TO PAINT ARMIES AFTER ARMIES - Each pot/can contains 250 ml (approximately 8.45 oz), enough to work on a little more than 200 models. Shake well before use
    • MADE FOR BEGINNER and EXPERT HOBBYISTS - Specially formulated to make miniature painting easier and faster for the novice who are yet to master the craft and experienced ones who have mobs of minis to work on