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The Army Painter

The Army Painter - Quickshade Dips: Dark Tone (250ml)

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  • REALISTIC DETAILS and DEPTH - Turn average paint jobs into fantastic and have miniatures you’re not embarrassed to set on the table and play with. Use Quickshade varnish to create a coherent-looking force
  • EFFECTIVE SHADING EFFECT and PROTECTIVE COAT - Dark tone works with most colors. It’s the ultimate shading tone for metal and armor and is superb for minis that need a sharp contrast
  • FINISH A BATTALION OF MINIATURES QUICKLY - Essential miniature painting supplies to finish a bulk of figurines in less time and still with good results. Use either the dipping technique or brushing method
  • ENOUGH TO PAINT ARMIES AFTER ARMIES - Each pot/can contains 250 ml (approximately 8.45 oz), enough to work on a little more than 200 models. Shake well before use
  • MADE FOR BEGINNER and EXPERT HOBBYISTS - Specially formulated to make miniature painting easier and faster for the novice who are yet to master the craft and experienced ones who have mobs of minis to work on

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