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The Army Painter

The Army Painter Quickshade Miniature Varnish, Soft Tone

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Hundreds of miniatures to paint and so little time? SAVE TIME PAINTING! The Army Painter Quickshade Soft Tone is a must-have in your miniature painting arsenal. It is specifically engineered to add highlights, effects, and color-richness on models for much less time, cutting the paintwork by more than half.

The Quickshade is a pigment-based solution. Using it with the famous, old-known dipping technique, you'll end up with colors that come through fantastically.

Soft Tone Variant: The soft tone is the lightest of the 3 types of Quickshade and is most recommended on light colors, especially the light flesh shades. It is the logical choice if you don't necessarily want a sharp and dark shading on your miniatures.

No more dealing with too many details:Β When you're working on a bunch of mobs for a game, you can ditch the time-consuming addition of details with different washes and paints. Just give them a nice even coat and let Quickshade give a consistent shading across all your minis.

Brushing Method: If you prefer the brushing method, use a brush that you don't plan to use for much else. The varnish leaves a sticky, oily residue that may not wash out with just plain water.

The Quickshade is designed and formulated to work with 10-28 millimeters (mm) scale miniatures. While it can be easily confused with many floor varnishes and shoe polishes, we don't recommend at all using it on floors and shoes!

TIP: If the end result is too glossy for your taste, use The Army Painter Anti-Shine Matte Varnish (sold separately) to remove the shine and add more depth. Just a quick blast is all you need.