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The Army Painter

The Army Painter Tufts - 12 Battlefields Tufts Complete Basing Set - Terrain Model Kit for Miniature Bases and Model Grass Tufts - Diorama Supplies, Diorama Grass for Mini Basing and Gaming Scenery

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ADD DEPTH & REALISM: Complete set of 12 The Army Painter Tufts and Grass provide incredibly realistic tabletop base coverage from all angles: Swamp, Frozen, Wasteland, Woodland, Lowland Shrubs, Mountain, Deadland, Jungle, Meadow, Highland, Scorched, and Winter. MINIATURE SCENERY AT ITS BEST - A selection of different tufts designed to create superb looking bases for armies of miniatures be they Fantasy, Sci-Fi or Historical DIORAMA SUPPLIES FOR YOUR PROJECTS- The tuft design makes them easy to handle, and doesn't generate the mess regular Static Grass and Flock usually risk doing. A PACKAGE OF PLENTY - You get 77 tufts in each package: 12 large tufts, 35 medium tufts, and 30 small tufts WHAT FOR? - Ideal for 15mm & 28mm miniatures, military dioramas, railway sceneries & wargame terrain