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The Army Painter Wargame Starter Paint Set

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Some of the best army painter warpaint on the market! PROMISE. 

Whether you buy a single paint, a wet palette or a set, we will stand behind our product's quality!
Goes on smooth, looks realistic, and with true colors!

The Army Painter Wargame Starter Paint Set

What is for sale is exactly what you see in the photo unless otherwise indicated in the pic(or the paint color being sold in the case of a color swatch for a photo) and is in new condition.
All items in the photos or paints represented will be shipped together in a single envelope, package or box depending on what I deem appropriate for an individual or combined order.
When appropriate some or all items sold maybe shipped in a sealed ziplock bag to prevent the Item or items from being damaged or lost during transit.
Combined shipping is available on orders where two or more items purchased have shipping charges indicated in their listings.
On orders to combine or remove the shipping charges please send us an invoice request asking us to update the overall shipping charge for your order.
The overall shipping charge will be calculated as follows. The largest shipping charge indicated by the listings of all items purchased will be used as a base for this calculation.

After we receive payment and we will upload the tracking information and ship day on or next day depending on time of order.

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