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Waterproof Epoxy Putty Adhesive Paste and Safety Solvent Bundle

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8 oz Multipurpose 2-Part Epoxy Paste + 1 oz Safety Solvent Cleaner

This special bundle is a must-have for creating artwork and crafts without the sticky mess. No more hands and tools dirty with hardened glue, wood filler paste and other adhesives.

OUTDOOR & MARINE QUALITY - Our 2-part wood filler epoxy paste is hard and durable, making it a great addition to your wood restoration kit! Thinly or thickly apply it to seal, harden and protect wood surfaces or edges. Create different textures on almost any kind of surface.

*If paste is firm or to make thinner, gently heat Part A container in hot (not boiling) water for 10 minutes. CAUTION: Paste will be HOT & STICKY! Allow product to cool before mixing with Part B. Heat accelerates working time.

EASY CLEAN UP - Aves Safety Solvent is a great replacement for acetone and other commonly used toxic solvents. It is specially formulated for use with Aves APOXIE and FIXIT products and with other molding and adhesive epoxies. Use it as a smoothing agent to avoid fingerprints and to create desired texture on your Apoxie. It's also a convenient cleaning solvent for your epoxy sculpting tools, brushes and surfaces.

ALL-PURPOSE ADHESIVE PUTTY - Aves Apoxie Adhesive Paste is ideal for restoring antiques, glass art, jewelry and accessory making, stone setting, toy repairs, dioramas, wood carving, taxidermy and many more. It's NON-CONDUCTIVE, NON-FLAMMABLE and has 0% shrinkage.

Because of its batter-like consistency, it spreads easily on most surfaces and fills up even the tiny crevices in your furniture. Apply on flimsy foam and on treated wood rot as well for a hard, durable shell.

This multipurpose epoxy uses 1-3 hour work time and about 6 hours to set. Allow 24 hours for product to fully cure before sanding, painting, carving or drilling.

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