Breathing New Life into Your Wargaming Figures Through Conversion

Tired of your Black Seas miniatures looking like everyone else's? We get it. Wargaming is about bringing your tactical dreams to life, and it's only natural to want your forces to be as unique as your strategies.

Enter conversion. This process lets you swap parts, sculpt new elements, or combine kits to reinvent your figures. Imagine turning an ordinary soldier into a battle-scarred veteran, or a generic vehicle into a war machine with a story. Conversion is your ticket to a personalized army that turns heads both on and off the battlefield.

We’ll guide you through the basics of conversion. From selecting the right tools and materials to executing your first project, you'll learn how to add unique flair to your wargame miniatures.

Why Convert?

Converting minis makes your army unique. It’s also a lot of fun. Maybe you need a character that doesn’t exist yet, or you want your squad to look different from everyone else’s. Conversion lets you put your personal stamp on your army. Plus, it’s rewarding to see your own creations on the battlefield.

Getting Started with Miniature Conversion

Converting a miniature requires a few bare minimums. First off, you need the right tools and some spare parts, known as bits, from other army miniatures. Clippers and glue are your best friends here. If you're up for a challenge, grab some green stuff. This putty lets you sculpt new parts from scratch.


Before you start cutting and gluing, take a moment to plan. Sketch your ideas on paper. This helps you figure out what you want your miniature to look like in the end. Trust me, a little planning goes a long way. Keep your bits organized so you don't lose them. A small, sealable bag works wonders for this.

Finding Inspiration

Not sure what to convert? Look around at what you already have. Sometimes, the best ideas come from your existing army. Need more inspiration? The internet is full of it. Pinterest, Google Images, and hobby sites like Cool Mini Or Not are great places to start. Don't forget about old White Dwarf magazines‚ÄĒthey‚Äôre packed with quirky and cool miniature conversion ideas.

Tools and Materials

So, you've got an idea. Now, what? Time to gather your tools and bits. You'll need clippers for cutting, glue for sticking bits together, and GreenStuff for sculpting anything extra. Where do you find spare bits? Online stores are full of them. Just search for Warhammer bits or miniature bits.

The Conversion Process

Now, the fun begins. Take the miniature you want to change and start modifying. This involves steps like

  • Cutting: Use clippers to remove unwanted parts of the miniature or to prepare parts for assembly.
  • Pinning for strength: For fragile or heavy parts, pinning can provide extra stability. Drill a hole in both parts, use a cut paper clip as a pin, and glue them together.
  • Sculpting and filling: Use GreenStuff or Milliput to sculpt new elements or fill gaps. This is where your creativity truly shines.
  • Assembly: With all parts prepared and customized, assemble your miniature, adding glue and allowing adequate drying time.
  • Finishing touches: Once assembled it‚Äôs time for painting. Apply acrylic paints to give life and personality to your miniature.

Pro tip: For added detail or to smooth out any rough spots you can use green stuff before painting. This helps ensure your creation looks polished and professional.

Maintaining a Theme

When building units or whole armies, keeping a consistent theme helps bring your collection together while letting each model stand out. Think about the big picture‚ÄĒlike your army's backstory, color palette, and recurring motifs. These elements help weave individual conversions into a unified force that's rich in variety yet harmonious in presentation.

Customization Beyond Conversions

While conversions focus on modifying miniatures physically, customization can also extend to painting techniques that highlight your models' unique features. Experimenting with different painting styles‚ÄĒsuch as using washes to accentuate the grotesque details of a Pox Marine or dry brushing to emphasize texture‚ÄĒcan further personalize your miniatures.

Wrapping Up

Conversion is a creative part of the hobby that lets you tell your own stories through your miniatures. It combines planning, creativity, and a bit of skill. Whether you’re making small changes or big transformations, each project is a chance to make your miniatures truly yours. Ready to give it a try? Grab your tools, and let’s get started.

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