How to Start Playing Pathfinder Like a Pro, the Best Starter Bundle

Wondering where to start  

This Roleplaying game list has the top 10 items that you will need to get your Pathfinder game running from zero to hero in no time flat. 
Getting into Pathfinder (or any roleplaying games for that matter) can be quite daunting. There are so many choices for a new player that is just starting the game that you can get lost with the different choices. How many books do you need? Which one? Does each player need a book? 
I curated this list to give a new player an entry point to jump in with every tool that they need to get started. No additional books are needed to get started and you can fit all player roles and a  GameMasters role with just these items! This is the best Pathfinder starter bundle for 2020. 

Core Books:  

Starting off our list are four books that make up your arsenal of tools for Roleplaying.  

#1 -  PF2E: Core Rulebook 

The Pathfinder Core Rulebook is the backbone of the game. This is a complete guide with over  600 pages of advice, treasure, game rules and character options all for the use of the Game  Masters! 
Whether you are coming new to the game, or switching from player to Game Master, this is a splendid start to assist you with building player characters and starting a game. With six heroic player characters to start the game with this book is a great start with not many options to confuse you.  
This book has been revised for better understanding without giving up the depth that  Pathfinder is known from the beginning! 

PF2E: Core Rulebook

#2 -  PF2E: Gamemastery Guide 

The Gamemastery Guide is great for new and advanced Game Masters alike. This book has  guidelines to help build your new campaigns, from magic items and treasures and the  monsters that you can populate in those campaigns. 
The Gamemaster Guide gives you the option to customize rules to make your adventure your own. The Gamemaster is the storyteller to your players. You are the writer of this Epic Fantasy. Tailor fit your game your way with The Pathfinder Gamemastery Guide. 

PF2E: Gamemastery Guide

#3 -  PF2E: Advanced Player Guide 

If you are new or want an edge up, The Advance Player Guide is your book for you. With over 270 pages, this Rule book for Players gives you exciting new rules for your character. Or as the Gamemaster you can add customized NPCs for your players to interact with. 
The Advanced Player Guide has four new classes from swashbuckler and a witch to bring life  to your characters. And if you want to play one of the classic classes, this book has new options for all twelve classes from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook. 

PATHFINDER PF2E: Advanced Player Guide

#4 -  PF2E: Bestiary 2 

Where would your game be without the use of Monsters? This book gets the list as it is a 320-page book with more than 350 classic monsters with brand new ones. The Pathfinder Bestiary 2 has another bonus that the next item in our list gives us a companion to this book. Even if used without the Pawn Collection, this book has gorgeous full-color illustrations, with additional lore for the storyteller in all of us. The book also uses universal posted rules, so even  if you want to use this book for another tabletop rpg game you can.  

Companion Collection: 


#5 -  PF2E: Bestiary 2 Pawn Collection 

This Bestiary 2 Pawn Collection goes right with the Bestiary 2 monster book. With full-color images printed on sturdy cardstock able to be used with the Pathfinder Pawns Base Assortment.  
This Bestiary 2 Pawn Collection has a mix of more than 300 creatures to fill your campaign with. Giving you the best collection to make sure that your players can have great encounters!  
Because these are sturdy cardstock, these are a cheaper option than plastic or metal miniatures.  But they can fit right in with the miniatures that you currently have. 

PATHFINDER PF2E: Bestiary 2 Pawn Collection

#6 -  PFRPG: Strategy Guide (HC) 

The Strategy Guide is a 160-page book that gives you invaluable advice to enhance the  Pathfinder Core Rulebook.  
The Strategy Guide is great for building your character by adding themes to your character class. This book gives character options to go beyond what the Core Rulebook gives you.  Instead of playing a bard, make an archer or maybe instead of a fighter, why not a knight? 


#7 -  PF Flip-Tiles: Dungeon Mazes Exp

Now that you have minis and characters, what about dungeons? With this Dungeon Maze no need to map out a dungeon. This gives you a customized dungeon that you can make and use over and over.  
This Flip-Tiles Dungeon Maze has 24 full color double sided tiles. They are big enough to house a major fight or set a trap for your players. You can use these no matter if you are a novice or an experienced Gamemaster. 

PATHFINDER PF Flip-Tiles: Dungeon Mazes Exp

#8 -  PF Flip-Mat: Playtest Multi-Pack 

This is another double-sided tile. This collection has two of them and they are featured in The Pathfinder Playtest Adventure: Doomsday Dawn, but you can add them and play with them in  your game. 
With a burnt-out crypt and ruined temple, you can find uses for them in any game. The other¬† tile is a remote wizard‚Äôs tower and an archaist astronomer‚Äôs workshop. These maps measure 24‚ÄĚ x 30‚ÄĚ unfolded and they fold up to 8‚ÄĚ x 10‚ÄĚ.¬†¬†

PATHFINDER PF Flip-Mat: Playtest Multi-Pack

#9 -  PF2E: Hellknight Hill 

No time to design a game, The Pathfinder Adventure Path Hellknight Hill gives you the ability to run a game on the fly. This book is the first of six books. Meant for the second edition rules, this fits with the Core Rulebook. 
This is a full-color softcover that new and experienced GMs will find useful. This book has new monsters and new magic items that can be used in other games. 

PATHFINDER PF2E: Hellknight Hill

#10 -  PF2E: Character Sheet Pack 

Get the most out of your characters by using the Pathfinder Character Sheet Pack. These  gorgeously designed black and white character sheets are easy to use and help with keeping track of all equipment and stats together.

PATHFINDER PF2E: Character Sheet Pack

How to Start Playing Pathfinder Like a Pro, the Best Starter Bundle

Written by: Gilean Benton


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