Pathfinder Monster Bundle to Bring your Players Hell

Pathfinder is a great tabletop roleplaying game for kids and adults alike. Great bonding time and fun with friends and family.  

We all know that to make a Great Hero you need a Fantastic Villain. Your game will only be as good as they are. When it comes to Tabletop Roleplaying Games, we take it seriously. And that includes the Villains.  
We have created this bundle of 15 products to help create Fantastic Villains that will bring your players hell.  
All of these Pathfinder miniatures in this bundle are already pre-primed. So if you have paint you can go ahead and start painting but these miniatures will look great unpainted as well. 

Pathfinder Battles Deep Cuts Bundle:  

These miniatures are primed and ready out of the box to paint or to set up on the board to play.  Painted miniatures take the fun out of customizing your characters and monsters.  

#1 -  PF2E: Core Rulebook 

The backbone to any Pathfinder game. The Pathfinder Core Rulebook is great for a gift or something for yourself. With more than 600 pages, you can find everything you need for a great game.  
This book has treasure to tempt those Heroes to come after. It includes 12 character classes to  customize your NPC to combat those Heroes, using their tricks against them. PATHFINDER PF2E CORE RULEBOOK


#2 - PF2E: Bestiary

The Bestiary is another great book in the arsenal of the Dungeon Master. It has detailed  monsters for any situation that you want to throw at those Heroes. It has more than 400  monsters from mythology to plenty of new monsters created for the Pathfinder System.PATHFINDER PF2E: BESTIARY

#3 -  PF2E: Gamemastery Guide 

With over 256 pages, this book is a great asset for the Dungeon Master. Rules, advice, guidelines to build your adventures this book has all to offer you. New and unique magic items add flare to your game.  
Need some NPC? This book can add 60+ characters to join the party as helpful characters for your Heroes or wicked villains. PATHFINDER PF2E: GAMEMASTERY GUIDE

#4 -  PF2E: AP: Hellknight Hill 

No time to design a game, then this Adventure Path is the right book for you. The Pathfinder Hellknight Hill is designed with an in-depth adventure scenario. New monsters and articles to help you master a game that they want to come and play week after week. PATHFINDER PF2E: HELLKNIGHT HILL

#5 -  PF DC: Skeleton Knight on Horse W5 

This figure is one detailed skeleton. But where would a Knight be without his horse? This piece is connected for a seamless painting and playing pleasure. Little to no assembly required, this piece would be the main villain for any Pathfinder, Dnd or Tabletop game. PATHFINDER PF2E: SKELETON KNIGHT ON HORSE

#6 - PF DC: Medium Earth Elemental W5 

The PF DC: Medium Earth Elemental crushes all others in brute strength and magic. Send two of these to double team the Heroes. Make them think that they are seeing double with this 2- count monster pack.  
This monster comes in the same pose and on their own bases. PATHFINDER PF2E: MEDIUM EARTH ELEMENTAL

#7 - PF DC: Ogre W11 

This Ogre miniature comes in a pack of one. With deep cuts for easier painting, this miniature would blend right into a mountain backdrop. The PF DC Ogre is a great miniature for an ambush.  
Pathfinder and DnD are nothing without the monsters that make up this tabletop board game. That is why the Ogre made the cut to withstand the onslaught of the heroes invading their lands.  PATHFINDER PF2E: OGRE W11

#8 - PF DC: Flying Ray W6 

This monster pack features a Flying Ray for those water encounters or convert it for a cave  encounter to keep those heroes on their toes.PATHFINDER PF2E: FLYING RAY W6

#9 - PF DC: Male Goblin Alchemist W9 

Comes in a 2-count character pack. The pack contains a low-level and high-level miniature of  the same character. For some unique squad of enemies, throw some of these into the mix to have an explosion of a good time. PATHFINDER PF2E: MALE GOBLIN ALCHEMIST W9

#10 - PF DC: Female Goblin Alchemist W9 

Why not have a collection of goblins for the Heroes to face. And to add some unique miniatures to the lot, this pack fits the bill. As with the Male Goblin Alchemist, it comes in a pack of 2 characters. It includes a low-level and high-level miniature of the same character. 

Heroes turned towards Villainy:  

Are you tired of the same monster packs to go against the heroes? Put them against their own kind with this list of wargame miniatures. PATHFINDER PF2E: FEMALE GOBLIN ALCHEMIST

#11 - PF DC: Knight on Horse W5 

This character counts as a monster pack. You get one ready-to-paint miniature out of the  box. Use with the combination of the Skeleton Knight to showcase a before and after carnage.  


#12 - PF DC: Male Half-Orc Druid W10 

Comes in a 2-count character pack. The two miniatures are of the same character. One is for low-level and the other is high-level of the Male Half-Orc Druid. 
Add some animals for this character to command for the heroes to go against. PATHFINDER MALE HALF-ORC DRUID

#13 - PF DC: Male Elf Rogue W10 

The two-pack character shows a low-level and high-level Male Elf Rogue. Great for custom  miniature if you need a swordsman to add to your board games. PATHFINDER MALE ELF ROGUE

#14 - PF DC: Dwarf Male Sorcerer W4 

This Dwarf Male Sorcerer can add so much to your battles against those Heroes. This 2-count character pack shows the same character for low-level and one for high-level.  
Cast great thunderstorms with these miniatures that the Heroes will feel the shock in their armor. PATHFINDER DWARF MALE SORCERER

#15 - PF DC: Female Dwarf Barbarian W8 

What better way than to charge those heroes with a full out charge from these Female Dwarf Barbarian character-pack. This is a two count character pack that contains the same character, just one is of low-level and the other is high-level.PATHFINDER FEMALE DWARF BARBARIAN

Looking for some paint to add some color to your game?  

We’d like to recommend the MSP: PF CoG: Colors to your collection for the best miniature paint  set. The rich detail of Pathfinder’s paint was chosen by the Paizo staff. The colors are all water soluble and are ideal for any type of plastic, resin, or metal miniatures. These colors look great. Throw some Arclord Purple on your Skeleton Knight to give it a kick up.PATHFINDER VILLAINS

Pathfinder Monster Bundle to Bring your Players Hell

Written by: Gilean Benton


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