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Painting miniatures is a big part of wargaming. It turns plain, gray figures into colorful characters for your games. Whether you play on a table or just like to collect and display, you need a good paint set.

What’s Inside a Miniature Paint Set?

A miniature paint set packs everything you need to elevate your figures from plain to extraordinary, including:

  • A variety of colors: These sets come with a range of colors, from basic hues to more specific shades, allowing for diverse and vibrant creations.
  • Primer: A complete set includes a primer, essential for preparing your figures. The primer makes sure the paint sticks well and lasts longer.
  • Brushes: Different sizes and shapes of brushes are included, each serving a unique purpose. Fine tips for detailed work and broader brushes for larger areas.
  • Washes and inks: For adding depth and shadows, washes and inks are crucial. They help in creating realistic effects and enhancing details.
  • Metallics and special colors: For armor, weapons, and magical effects, metallic and special effect paints add that extra flair.
  • Mixing mediums: These allow you to adjust the paint's thickness and transparency, giving you more control over the application.
  • Instruction guide: Often, sets come with a guide or tips for beginners. These can be very helpful in getting started with techniques and color mixing.

Use Cases

In wargaming, your miniature paint set is your tool to bring your army to life. Here's how you can use these sets to improve your game:

Army Personalization

Paints let you decide how your army looks. This way, every soldier on your table shows a bit of your choice and creativity.

Detailing Figures

You get to paint the small details on your game's important characters. It makes these figures more interesting and unique for your games.

Making the Game Board Interesting

You can also use paints to add color to your game board pieces, like buildings and trees. This changes a plain board into an animated framework that is ready for adventure.

Identifying Groups

Using different colors helps mark which soldiers belong to which unit. This organization makes planning and playing the game smoother.

Refreshing Old Miniatures

Paint can give old or worn-out miniatures a new look. It's a way to reuse your favorite pieces without needing to replace them.

Frequently Asked Questions about All Miniature & Model Paints

Why choose The Army Painter sets for miniature painting?

The Army Painter sets offer high-quality, durable paints with vibrant colors that adhere well to miniatures. Whether you're starting with the Speedpaint Starter Set or going for the comprehensive Wargamers Complete Paint Set, you'll find products tailored to both beginners and seasoned painters.

How do I pick the right set for my painting project?

Consider the scope of your project and the colors you need. Starter sets are great for beginners or small projects, while Mega Sets or the Complete Paint Set offer a wide spectrum of colors for extensive collections and detailed work. Specialty sets like the Skin Tones Paint Set or the Metallic Colours Paint Set provide options for specific painting needs.

Can I use these paints for any miniature brand?

Yes, The Army Painter paints are compatible with all miniature brands. Whether you're painting fantasy figures, historical models, or modern tabletop game pieces, these paints will cover your needs.

Are these paints safe to use?

Absolutely. The Army Painter's products are non-toxic and water-based, making them safe for hobbyists of all ages when used as directed. Always work in a well-ventilated area and follow safety guidelines for the best experience.

Are there options for airbrushing?

The Army Painter offers the Warpaints Air series, including Starter, Mega, and Complete sets designed for airbrushing. These sets feature pre-thinned paints ready for use with an airbrush, providing an efficient way to achieve smooth, even coats.

What do I do if a product is sold out?

Sold-out items are usually restocked. Check back regularly or sign up for restock notifications (if available) on the product page. This way, you'll be the first to know when your desired item is available again.

How often should I replace my miniature painting supplies?

The lifespan of your miniature painting supplies depends on how well you maintain them. Brushes can last a long time if cleaned properly after each use. Paints, especially those from quality brands like The Army Painter, have a long shelf life if stored correctly but should be replaced if they start to dry out or separate. Regularly assessing your supplies will help you determine if they're still good to use or if it's time to replace them.