A Gift Guide for Your Party’s Dice Goblin

Dice goblins, every party has at least one, my current party is made entirely of dice goblins. What are they?  Dice goblins are players who have an obsession, borderline addiction, to the shiny, swirly, glittery, click-clack math rocks known as dice. Dice goblins are the players that never bring less than a pound of dice to every game, and never the same pound. They have a special set and at least 5 extra sets in similar complementary colors, for every character they’ve ever made. Some dice goblins don’t even play the board game Dungeons and Dragons, or any other tabletop games that require dice. Though this variation is rare and we are not yet sure how they evolve into dice goblins, to begin with.


So, the question is,  what do you get your favorite dice goblin for the holidays? The obvious answer here is dice, all of them, but there are less enabling gifts to give. Few board games top D&D and few gifts top dice for dice goblins, but let’s go over some options. One such option would be  dice bags.  Dice goblins need dice bags to store all of their treasures in and most of the time, the bigger and more opulent the bags, the better. This  reversible bag is a great choice as it can contain a little over a pound of dice. Other large options include this suede/velvet bag that comes in three colors:  navy/goldturquoise/purple, and  black. If you buy a bigger bag, consider also buying several small ones. Dice goblins like to store special sets of dice in small bags then put those smaller bags into big bags. Smaller bags, like this  green suede bag, will typically only hold one set. 


Watch your dice goblin carefully.  Listen to them when they play. A specialized bag might be your best option. If your dice goblin plays a necromancer and has a handful of red and black dice picked out for their character, then perhaps you would consider this  lich bag, for an added bonus, pick out a new set of dice to include, such as this  corruption set. If you notice that your dice goblin has a fascination with dragons consider this  tribal dragon bag with an added  D20 Gem die as a perfect finishing touch.  


If your dice goblin has a more refined taste, you might find that they would prefer a dice vault. Dice vaults, much like dice bags, are made to hold dice. However, most dice vaults are made to hold one very special set. This  maple hex case is the perfect accompaniment for your dice goblin’s most precious set dice. These cases also come in a  rounded variety and in a more  brick-shaped variety.  Warning - your dice goblin will construct a wall around their dice if they possess enough of these brick-like cases.   


If you are convinced that your dice goblin has enough storage space, they never do. There are also other dice related options for gifting. Dice towers are a wonderful option as they allow maximum click-clacking in a roll. This  dice tower is perfect for the crafty dice goblin. It comes disassembled. Your crafty dice goblin can build, paint, bejewel and glitter this tower to their heart’s content.  If your dice goblins are attracted to bright colors, consider this  rainbow dice tower. It folds up to easily fit in the huge bag they undoubtedly tote their dice around in any way. Another folding option is this  black dice tower. This dice tower will fit on any standard or large dice tray. 



Speaking of dice trays, does your dice goblin use one? Why would they?  Dice trays protect dice from getting damaged in use, and in some cases, they protect the table from damage as well. Metal, gemstone, wood, and sharp dice can cause damage to a surface or become damaged when rolled. A dice tray is a great gift for you dice goblin. This  dice case also doubles as a tray and can be used with the black dice tower mentioned above. Other options include this colorful  rainbow tray and for those with a love of simple solid colors, there are also,  bluegreenredpurpleand  black versions available. 


Let’s say that you notice your dice goblin has poured all of their love into a character’s dice pallet but kind of neglected their actual character. You could always surprise them with a couple of custom D&D miniatures. Buying D&D miniatures in bulk is a great plan if you are gifting to multiple people as this option tends to yield cheap D&D miniatures.  Before picking out your unpainted miniatures and beginning your Dungeons and Dragons painting quest, take a couple of sessions and really watch how your dice goblin plays. Ask questions about their character. What they wear, favorite colors. Pay close attention to the dice they use for that character. Once you have a good idea of what to look for in  D&D miniatures unpainted, you can browse for the perfect miniature. While D&D paper miniatures are also an option, I think you’ll find that a couple of hand painted miniatures would be more meaningful.
Nolzur’s marvelous miniatures offer a vast selection for PCs. Does your dice goblin play a  barbarian,   fighter,  cleric, or  druid? These, and many more, unpainted miniatures come in sets of two and allow you to give two different variations of your dice goblin’s current character. Make sure to pick up a miniature paint set for your D&D miniature painting. Nolzur’s marvelous pigments also offer some great beginner sets if you don’t already have one. This  starter set is great for small projects. Custom D&D painted miniatures that match your dice goblins color palette will make their little goblin hearts just as happy as another new set of dice. Mind you, you can always deliver this new Dungeons and Dragons miniature with yet another set of dice to add to their collection. D&D miniatures can also be gifted as dice guardians for those who don’t play the game. 


Regardless if you play tabletop games for kids or adults, most games will use a board. D&D boards are also called battle mats. If you are a DM gifting to your party dice goblin, consider buying a square/hex grid like this  1.5-inch battle mat. You can draw your dice goblin a customized dungeon of their very own. A special map to keep with their hoard. 


If none of the options appeal to you, you can always go the obvious route and buy your dice goblin more dice to add to their horde. This  variety pack  is always a winner with all dice goblins. Gifter beware! Once your dice goblin acquires enough dice, they evolve into a dice dragon. This happens quicker if gemstone, precious metal, or large D20s are involved. Gift responsibly. 

A Gift Guide for Your Party’s Dice Goblin 

Written by: Melissa Crosby

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