Chess for Beginners

It’s never too late to learn how to play chess!

Chess is a two-player strategy board game that was invented thousands of years ago, but is still one of the largest and most active games played today. It is considered a pillar of high end analytical thought and strategy as the game removes all luck and dice rolling from the equation and purely focuses on a player’s tactic to see them through to victory. 

The rules to chess, this classic board game, are fairly simple but the game can take a lifetime to master. It’s near instant to set up and easy to approach for new players. It’s easy to see why the game has endured for so many years. All you need to play is a board, some pieces and two players. On average, a game takes about 20 minutes with both players moving slowly and cautiously to advance their board state until one of them can take the King of the other player, thus winning the game. 


Chess boards themselves can come in many shapes and sizes. 
Standard Chess & Checker Set

#1 -  Standard Chess & Checker Set 

This chess set is a combination board that also has pieces for the¬† game of chess. This board is a 3‚ÄĚ Sheesham/Boxwood French Style chessmen on Walnut/Maple chess board.¬†¬†
The board‚Äôs squares measure 1.75‚ÄĚ. Each of the wooden chess pieces has a piece of felt glued on the bottom of them.¬†
The King‚Äôs height measures to 3‚ÄĚ and the base of him is 1.15‚ÄĚ. The checker pieces are 1.25‚ÄĚ wood stacking. The board is 14‚ÄĚ and it is a walnut/maple veneer board.
Pocket Travel Chess

#2 -  Pocket Travel Chess

This is a nice travel set, as it has magnetic pieces that attach to the board so you will not lose your place in the car. This board measure 5.25‚ÄĚ x 5.25‚ÄĚ folded out and for caring it around the board will fold up to measure 6.5‚ÄĚ x 3.25‚ÄĚ. The plastic chessmen fit inside of the vinyl board while it is closed.¬†
Elaborate Chess Boards

#3 -  Elaborate Boards 

This board is a special chessboard where the pieces are busts of Camelot men. The color scheme of this board is red and blue¬† acrylic, the pieces are painted multicolor. The board measures 17.25‚ÄĚ and it is a grey/ivory briar wood veneer board. These have elaborate¬† chess board pieces.¬†
Pistachio Cluster Backgammon & Chess board

#4 -  Combo Boards

This Pistachio Cluster Backgammon & Chess board is a great board to get two splendid games for the shelf space of one. This board is a White Pistachio Cluster Decoupage wood folding. It has 3‚ÄĚ French Sheesham King with and the board size is 19‚ÄĚ x 19‚ÄĚ 1.25‚ÄĚ open.¬†¬†
4 Player Multiplayer Variants- Chess

#5 -  4 Player Multiplayer Variants   

This board was designed for 4 players. This is a 20‚ÄĚ x 20‚Ä̬† board, and it has a set of black, silver, ivory and gold men. The king¬† measures to the height of 2.5‚ÄĚ. The men are felted on the bottle and it¬† comes with the rules for standard chess 2 players and chess 4.¬†
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The boards you play on are as long and varied as the history of chess itself. Any of these will get you started on this amazing game, and we have plenty more options to choose from.
Chess boards

#6 -  More boards 

The selection of boards are varied as they are the same. From large mats to play by the pool, to small pocket size travels versions. Whatever you would like, we have something in stock for you.  

Rules in Chess:  

This is a small diagram and steps on how to play Chess.  Learning chess is simple once you get the mechanics of the chess  moves. 

1. How to set up a chess board. 

- P = Pawn 
- R = Rook 
- K = Knight 
- B = Bishop 
- Q = Queen 
- Kn = King 
Also, the board needs to be arranged - so that each player has the Light Colored Box (white) on the bottom right corner. Then arrange the chess pieces as shown.  Filling the pawns on the second row and the Rook through King on the back row. The Queen is always on her color. There is a white (light) and a black (dark) set of the pieces. The diagram shows how to set up the chess pieces.
Chess Pieces Order

2. Chess Pieces Movement:  

Chess Rules of the pieces are varied to each piece. You will use them together to have a solid front.  
  • P = Pawn -¬†¬†can only move one square forward *unless it is the¬† first time moving, then he can move two squares forward. **To¬† capture another piece, it is from one square diagonally in front of¬† them.¬†
  • R = Rook -¬†¬†can move as far as he wants, up to another piece.¬† He can move forward, backwards, and to the sides. **That is how he¬† takes pieces.¬†
  • K = Knight -¬†¬†Knights are the only piece that can ‚Äúmove‚Ä̬† through another piece without capturing them. They move in a ‚ÄúL‚Ä̬† shape. Two squares in one direction, and then one where the turn.¬†¬†
  • B = Bishop -¬† ¬†Bishops are great to work together. They are on¬† separate colors so they can cover the board. They move diagonally.¬† Like the rooks, they can move as far as they want.
  • Q = Queen -¬†¬†Queens are a very powerful piece. She can move¬† forward, backwards, diagonally, and sideways for as long as she¬† wants to. She captures other pieces in that manor.¬†
  • Kn = King -¬†¬†The King is the goal. You need to protect yours¬† and capture theirs. He is also the weakest of the pieces, with only¬† being able to move one square in any direction. Forward, backwards,¬† sides and diagonally. Also, he can never move himself into¬† ‚ÄúCheck‚ÄĚ (where he can get captured). When the King is attacked, the¬† opponent or you must say ‚Äúcheck‚ÄĚ to signify that the King is in¬† danger.¬†
Chess for Beginners

Follow up:  

Thanks for sticking with us to the end. You should be armed  with everything you need to get started on this wonderful game.
Chess for Beginners


Written by: Gilean Benton

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