Top 10 D&D Miniatures You Must Own

Want to know the secret to having the best dungeons and dragons miniatures?  


Without diversity in your miniature collection, you’re going to feel like your miniature set is very  incomplete because you’ll be missing key character race and archetypes. 
Little d&d paper miniature stand-in’s from candy-land will not make a great character - You need amazing, detailed, and dynamic miniatures for an immersive, amazing game. 
Our list features the awesome mini’s from the Nolzur’s marvelous miniatures & Nolzur’s  marvelous pigments line. 
If you don’t have a miniature collection for all your characters, or you’re looking to beef up an existing roster, explore a wide array of beautiful miniatures - and why each of them is key to having a great collection. 
This list is built of quality and inexpensive D&D miniatures because each of these are 2-1 character combo packs, with either a second character or second appearance for your character. This means you can use either appearance, periodically swapping them in and out as you please. 
Each unpainted miniatures comes primed and ready to paint the moment it hits your doorstep. So let’s get to the Top 10 D&D Miniatures every roleplayer should own.  


Daring duo dashing through occult dungeons? 
This 2-1 M/F Combo comes with two miniatures that are likely to see play - yet still will have a very unique appearance. 
Both female and male versions of a Vampire Hunter, these two separate characters could easily be Rangers, Fighters, Rouges, pirates, thieves, bandits, or mercenaries in the adventuring party. 
This dual-pack combo is excellent for a pair of gamers looking to get into the hobby, or someone who wants twice the painted miniatures. 
Whether you’re using them as Vampire Hunters or daring adventurers, you’ll be commended  for your character’s martial finesse and dashing looks on nearly every battlefield.d&d vampire hunter


Very few miniatures come with a dynamic pose. 
Even fewer are flying through the air! 
This miniature pack is a 2-count character pack, meaning there are two miniatures for the same character - One where she is crouched, and the other where she is wheeling through an attack. 
We chose this miniature for her elegant, dynamic pose that few other miniatures can even compare to. 
Looking to brutalize your enemies with grace? 
This one’s for you. d&d miniature monk


Painters rejoice. 
For a similar reason to our graceful monk, this character was selected for his grace and grit. His stance is strong, if normal, but he makes up for that with an incredibly detailed face and magical energy coming from his hands. 
A skilled painter can work that magical energy into flames, purple arcane energy, bolts of green  electricity, or a chaotic mass of magical power. 
D&D miniature painting pairs perfectly with roleplaying. 
And if the magical energy wasn’t enough, you have a massive cloak to create a beautiful pattern on so your mini will be the star of the show. d&d miniature wizard


Deny the allure of the occult and eldritch invocations? 
Of course not. 
This character has both a dynamic pose and an intense welling of power inside her. With a stunning displacer beast robe and beautifully carved boots, your Tiefling Warlock will irresistibly acquire the dark secrets they desire.
Beautiful for a witch, a warlock, or even a powerful sorcerer and wizard, this model is an  exemplar of power and magical spells. 
Take this girl home for the power of her pose. 
And the brimstone, too. 
Pro Tip: For custom D&D miniatures, brimstone would look AWESOME for her base. 

d&d miniature female warlock


An exemplar of justice, good, and good looks, this miniature is a killer of evil in the world. 
He roots out injustice, banishes tyranny, and fights to defend his friends, his family, and his  people. 
Elves are steeped in tradition, and this character is no different - Carrying Elven armor adorned with symbols and runes, he brings good and peace wherever he goes. 
If your character follows these virtues, then this Elven Paladin is for you. d&d miniature elf paladin


Some people - some characters - exude an aura of confidence and leadership.  
Wherever they go, people will hear their songs and laughter, and they will rejoice that a leader has come among them. 
Bards can be popular, mysterious, notorious, and a whole facet of other descriptions - For a bard’s path is open, a drawing board for them & others to chart a course on. 
But only if they are daring - and their wit is as sharp as their sword.d&d miniature half-elf bard


Drows are a scourge upon the surface world - but not all Drow seek prisoners. Some venture from their communities to follow their hearts. 
And yet others leave so they can refine their skill and win glory beyond any of their previous  companions’ wildest dreams. 
This 2-1 Combo set features two miniatures, perfect for a pair of players starting up a new  campaign. They carry draw armor which emphasizes magical abilities and stealth over raw strength or durability, decorated in small talismans and tight to the body. 
Both Drows have combat-ready stances, making them ideal for either player character who are looking for some action for their character, or Dungeon Masters that want a Drow leader to have some pizzazz.  d&d miniature drow


Devout of Bahamut or not, this Dragonborn is forged in the fires of war and skilled in combat from an early age. 
His feelings run deep, and his strikes even deeper. He’s a veritable monster on the battlefield, and an outright terror in the mess hall. 
But he’s a good companion to have by your side. 
This model comes in two-versions, with either Shield and Mace or Shield and Battleaxe -  armored lightly or armed to the teeth. 
Because when you’re a Dragonborn… You’re always ready for a fight. 

d&d miniature dragonborn paladin


The 9th slot on our list goes to a Female Human Druid, one of the few miniatures on our list that represents both calm and fury. 
Like nature, her pose is either stoic or ready to pounce. 
She’s a woman of the wilds, a speaker of the trees, and a walker of the forest spirits. 
Dressed in her robes, she may look like prey. But woe to the person that confronts her, for they will be at the merciless fury of nature itself. 
This druid makes for an excellent scout or ranger as well, and a great addition to your D&D miniature bulk collection if you ever plan to play as Dungeon Master because she will find a place in nearly any roleplaying adventure. 

d&d miniature druid


To close out our list of 10 Must-Own D&D mini’s, we selected one of the most dynamic and detailed dragon miniatures on the market. 
The Young Dragon is traditionally a bronze dragon, but can be painted to match any of the  furious chromatic dragons or kindly metallic dragons. Dragons are such a joy to paint - and every roleplayer needs to experience the feeling of owning their own dragon. d&d miniature dragon
Your D&D painted miniatures collection wouldn’t be complete without one. 
Pro Tip: Want some tabletop games for kids, but unsure where to start? Grabbing them a miniature or two from this list to get them into dungeons and dragons painting (such as an awesome dragon) will instantly get them hooked! 


That wraps up our top 10 D&D unpainted miniatures list for the best dungeons and dragons  miniatures. 
The detail on these pieces are outstanding - along with the ability to have 2 different  appearances and poses - is quite the steal. 
Which is why we’ve put together a list for you to easily collect a large amount of Dungeons and Dragons miniatures, set for any player, any character, or any style of play. And… being 2-1 character bundles gives you twice the miniatures as opposed to paying for minis individually. 
Your new character will look amazing on top of battlements and D&D boards. 
If you’re looking for a miniature paint set for your new mini,  The Army Painter has all the paint  you need. 
Covid-19 has presented an amazing opportunity: Use this time to prepare for the next board game  dungeons and dragons session. 
Wargames Delivered has a showcase full of board game top miniatures for Wargames, mini’s, or  roleplaying games. 
Grab a miniature for your next character (or all your characters) and a few paints so you’ll be primed and ready to go for the next D&D session. 
Top 10 D&D Miniatures You Must Own


Written by: Gilean Benton


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