Warhammer and Everything You Need to Know

Warhammer Age of Sigmar is more than just a game. It’s a grad epic scale of massive armies that wage war against each other. You are the general of that army playing against friends or other people at your local game store. Each game played will be incredibly different from the last, and you never know what to expect out of each and every encounter. 

Warhammer Age of Sigmar is a mini Warhammer war-game tabletop. It can last from one to four hours. The setup time is usually 15 to 30 minutes. The amount of people that can play in one game is 2 or  more which is different from the original game of Warhammer 40k. Age of Sigmar does have rule-sets for multiple players and team engagements, but these games will have long play times.  
If you are playing for the first time or coming from another wargame, then painting these miniatures are just like Warhammer 40k miniatures, or any other tabletop game for that matter. Although painting the figures can be incredibly rewarding, you don’t need to paint them at all to play. Most people want to assemble their army and get some games in before they start painting. You don’t need to have a painted army to start playing.  
All you need to get started is an army of miniatures, rules, and dice. You can use either a couple of units or a sprawling army. The rules are free and you can play with anybody at any time! This is the  first time that Games Workshop has ever made a version of their miniature war games that the rules were free, which will free up hundreds of dollars that players have to spend allowing them to either  field a larger army or get into the game cheaper. 

#1 -  Brushes 

The Army Painter Hobby Starter Brush Set is great for a beginner. The pack contains 3 different brushes that are made with synthetic fibers so that they have no shedding, no fall-out and no stray bristles. These brushes will last you for a long time and is a wonderful set to start out painting. 
The set has your standard brush, small detail brush, and  drybrush. The standard brush is great for all of your base-coating.  The small detail brush lets you paint all of the intricate pieces. The drybrush is perfect for drybrushing on the last layer to add feel to the  piece. 
Even if you have never painted a miniature before you should give it a try. It’s easy to get into and super relaxing. And a painted army will look so much better on the battlefield than an unpainted one. There are tutorials on starting miniature painting everywhere on the internet. There has never been an easier time to get into this part of the hobby than right now! 


#2 -  Black Spray Primer 

Matt Black, The Army Painter Color Primer is perfect for you  Warhammer models. This primer works with your Warhammer paint and is used as a base paint and primary color theme of your army. To paint a Warhammer Age of Sigmar miniature, a base coat sprayed from a can will make a foundational base for you to paint on top of a miniature. But don’t use generic spray paint for this, as it goes on uneven and too thick. 
If you are just starting out and you have the Warhammer starter sets, painting them is going to be the next step. This primer lets you get started in playing with colored miniatures to play with your tabletop games.
Custom miniatures with this primer and 23 different colors that goes on with just one layer. This primer has an extra-fine pigment, a special spray nozzle to ensure an even layer. THE ARMY PAINTER BLACK SPRAY PRIMER

#3 -  Plate Mail Metal Spray Primer 

The Army Painter Color Primer is not just a primer to go under for your base spray. This 400ml aerosol can, gives you enough to  cover a large army’s worth.  
This is for your base coat and primary color. Paint fast and efficient with this Plate Mail Metal Spray Primer. Can be used for all Warhammer miniatures.  
Resin, metal, or plastic, this miniature paint is great for all of your Warhammer 40k models. With 23 different color Primers to use for any type of Warhammer miniatures painting, there is a color for you.  Plate Mail Metal Spray Primer

#4 -  Mega Paint Set 

The Army Painter Warpaints Mega Paint Set has an incredible 50 colors to paint with. Perfect for the beginner or advanced painter of Warhammer figurines. 
This set includes 39 acrylic warpaints, 5 metallic warpaints, 4 Quickshades washes, and 2 effects warpaints. It also includes a detail paint brush handmade in Europe + a Wargamer Painting Guide. 
This paint set is perfect for painting your Warhammer 40 figures  and Age of Sigmar minis. These miniature paints are easy to apply  and slide into creases without chunking up. The effects of  GLISTENING BLOOD and DRY RUST are perfect to add those lifelike details to your painted miniatures. The Army Painter Mega Paint Set

#5 -  Complete Paint Limited Edition

For all of your artistic painting needs, The Army Painter Wargamers Complete Paint Set has everything that you might need for colors. It has 124 wargamer miniature paints + 5 paint brushes.  
The set includes 96 acrylic warpaints, 8 metallic warpaints, 11 Quickshades washes, and 9 effects warpaints. Not only does it include the 124 paints, but it comes with 5 brushes and The Army Painter Painting Guide.
These easy-to-use squeeze dropper bottles let you only squeeze out the amount that you need. No more crusted lids or spills from tipping them out. The colors of these paints are a vibrant pigment, and with 124 colors to choose from, you can find the right color for whatever is your need. The Army Painter Wargamers Complete Paint Set

Which race should I play?  

Warhammer Age of Sigmar a has a multitude of races to play. The warring factions in the Mortal Realms have 4 different Grand Alliances with lore to bring the races to life. 
Order, Chaos, Death, and Destruction all fight each other with 24 unique races to play. Each faction has a minimum of 4 races to choose from, with more races coming out all the time. New models come out all the time, allowing you to expand your army size! 
Choose from Skaven (Chaos) to play the rat lords or the Lumineth Realm-lords (Order) to play High Elves. There is a race for you to paint. Painting Warhammer figures is a great way to customize your set as well. Make a Christmas set to bring some color to your Orcs.
Warhammer and Everything You Need to Know

Warhammer and Everything You Need to Know


Written by: Gilean Benton




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