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The Army Painter - Mega Selection Hobby Paint Set

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The Army Painter and Wargames Delivered Mega Hobby Paint Set was created for every war game enthusiast. 'Even if you have just recently gotten into the hobby of painting miniatures, or you've been around the battlefield for some time now, you will absolutely love our selection. 

The vast selection of paints leaves no wargame uncovered. And it's the only set on the market that includes acrylic warpaints, metallic warpaints, and quick shade washes.

Mega Selection is a complete paint set for your gaming miniatures. It includes acrylic warpaints, metallic warpaints, and quick shade washes.

  • SUPERB CONSISTENCY - includes acrylic miniatures warpaints, metallics warpaints, and quick shade washes
  • WITH MIXING BALLS - stir up pigments that settle at the bottom to get the perfect consistency
  • NO MORE DRY PAINTS - bottles with dropper caps to preserve paints for a long time

Make your miniature models come to life with this Mega Paint Set with all the basic colors you will need for your miniature painting hobby.

The colors are vibrant and crisp with a matte finish, perfect for additional highlights. The dropper bottle design makes it easy to administer the correct amount of paint. Prevents paint from drying up too fast.

The painting set includes:

  • Acrylic warpaints
  • Metallic warpaints
  • Quickshade wash
  • Painting Guide
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