Gift Guide for The Hobbyist

So, you don’t play the board game Dungeons and Dragons. You’re not into tabletop games for kids let alone adults. Board games top your list of things to avoid in social gatherings. But, here we are, the holiday season and someone you love is into tabletop games and crafting. You’d like to get them something they would truly enjoy. After the year we’ve had, a little extra for the holidays is welcomed. So, what do you get your hobbyist this season?

#1 - From the colorful minds at Nolzur’s marvelous pigments, we bring you the ultimate gift for your TTRPG hobbyist,  The Army Painter Complete Paint Set.  This extra-large miniature paint set comes with 5 paintbrushes and every color your hobbyist might need. Considered one of the best paint sets out there, this gift is sure to delight the receiver and let them enjoy their Dungeons and Dragons painting hobby to the full extent. D&D paper miniatures as well as unpainted miniatures will certainly find themselves painted shortly after this massive set is opened. 
Not sure you want to gift something so large? There are several other smaller options, like this  55 piece set and this  18 piece set. All paints in these sets are vibrant and come in bottles with droppers. This helps make sure that no paint is wasted. There is also a  hobbyist set that includes paints as well as crafting tools. These can be gifted with D&D miniatures unpainted, of course. 
Even if your hobbyist isn’t into miniature painting yet, this gift opens a new door for them and might provide them a new hobby. One can never have too many hobbies. Miniature painting is popular in the TTRPG community. If your hobbyist is new, consider looking for painting guides to include or sign them up for painting lessons at your local game shop. 


#2 - Speaking of Dungeon and Dragons miniatures,  buying and gifting D&D miniatures bulk style is also a great gift. Nolzur’s marvelous miniatures offer a variety of unpainted miniatures. Gifting unpainted miniatures allows for custom D&D miniatures. Your hobbyist can paint them to match whatever they are doing in their current campaign. D&D miniature painting is a common hobby for TTRPGamers and some go as far as to sell their D&D painted miniatures. Custom painted miniatures are also great D&D miniatures to gift. If your player is a DM, feel free to pick up some Dragons and other monsters they can add to their campaigns.  

#3 - Is your hobbyist less of a crafter and more of a collector? Dice are always an option when it comes to gifting. RPG dice come in every imaginable color and made with a variety of materials. Gifting dice, towers, trays, and other accessories are common among party members.  Don’t worry if your hobbyist already has dice, there is always room for more. When it comes to gifting dice, you can give a single set or several.


#4 - If your hobbyist is a DM, D&D boards, battle maps, and square/hex grids are always a welcome gift. DMs use these to build dungeons and buildings in town. Typically these structures get erased once they are done with, but sometimes a certain tavern or inn will be used often and it is nice to have an extra map laying around so you don’t have to worry about redrawing the building exactly the same every time.  One can never have too many maps. 
#5 - Maybe your hobbyist is more into terrain building for the game. If they build terrain, miniatures, or any other type of structure for their game, they might enjoy  Apoxie Sculpt.  This modeling compound is great for crafting because it dries fast and dries hard. Many perfectly sculpted pieces have faced death upon a hardwood floor. That isn’t a fear with Apoxie Sculpt involved. Flocking and turf are also great options for terrain crafters. Apoxie Sculpt can also be used to decorate dice boxes, dice towers, and customize miniatures. 
#6 - Something handmade.  As crafters, we really appreciate anything that you put time into. Dice towers and bags can come in a crafter fashion. Dice themselves can be crafted and are often treasured. Dice boxes, custom terrain, hand-painted miniatures, character painting, or sketches are all examples of wonderful homemade gifts. Yarn, folding tables, paintbrushes, cardboard, foam, and numerous other crafting materials are also welcomed. 
Gift Guide for The Hobbyist

No matter what you decide to gift your hobbyist this year, they will be sure to appreciate the fact that you took their hobby into consideration when purchasing their gift. If you do play with a group and are just fishing around for ideas there are a couple of things to clear up. 

  1. How does your group feel about gift giving? While many groups do some type of gift exchange, be mindful that not everyone may celebrate your specific holiday. Make sure to talk with your group about the context around the gift-giving and make sure that everyone is comfortable with it. 
  2. Identify the acceptable price range that the whole group is comfortable with. You might feel like $20 is acceptable but others might feel like it is a bit pricey, especially if they are buying more than one gift.
  3. Determine what kind of exchange is going to happen. A secret Santa type exchange or a white elephant exchange is most common, though some groups will have players pull together for a larger gift for the DM as it is hard work. Some DMs will craft or paint miniatures for each of their party members while others choose to gift the player’s characters with stat bonuses or magically enhanced weapons. 

 Gift Guide for The Hobbyist

Written by: Melissa Crosby

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