Ultimate Miniature Painting Gift Guide

Would you like the ultimate mini gifts ideas list for miniature painters, wargamers, and Role-players?  

For yourself or a friend, this list has the top 12 Christmas gift ideas for miniature painters. 
This ultimate list of 12 gifts is also great for white elephant gift ideas. Especially for families & friends who like tabletop games. 
Need some paints & supplies? This list has the best. Want something awesome to paint? Our Black Dragon is below. Looking for a holiday activity for you or your loved ones? Miniatures to paint come ready-to-paint and play the moment the box is opened. 
This list includes something for everyone that loves painting D&D minis. 

#1  The Army Painter Mega Paint Set 

If you’re a painter, or trying to get into the miniature hobby, you need an expansive mini painting kit with a collection of colors & paints for any miniature. 
The mega paint set is the best miniature paints set on the market. 
Even Roleplayers will need this paint set for their characters! 
Wargamers too, will use up the majority of this set due to the number of models they have to paint. Wargamers will definitely get their money’s worth out of this paint set. 
If you work on diorama and models, then you know exactly how NOT HAVING that one great color changes your whole scene. 
This is the ultimate Mega Paint Set on the market, the absolute best mini gift set for any miniature painter. Imagine not having the color you need for a dragon… or the character you’ve sunk 100 hours into playing. 
It would be devastating! 


#2  D&D Official Paint Brushes  

The official paint D&D miniatures painter brushes are excellent first-timer paint brushes, and come with 2 brushes and a drybrush for different painting techniques. 
An experienced mini paint master can never have enough brushes because painting brushes will wear down over time, fray, and lose their bristle. 
So even for master painters, having a few extra brushes will ensure they’re never without a great brush for their latest masterpiece. PAINTBRUSHES FOR MINIATURE PAINTING

#3  Complete all-in-one D&D Official Painter Kit  

Want an all-in-one paint bundle for a beginning painter?
This D&D Official all-in-one Painter Kit is what you’re looking for. 
Whether you’re fresh to painting minis or a friend of yours is starting, this kit will be a perfect gift that has all bells & whistles attached - everything a painter needs. 
It contains a variety of paints for miniatures, miniatures themselves, and the brushes a new painter will need to start painting. 
This box comes ready-to-paint, so it would be perfect for a Christmas Day activity - Grab a Complete all-in-one painter kit and be ready for the holidays. DUNGEONS & DRAGONS PAINTER KIT

#4  Air Elemental  

An iconic Air Elemental.
Even if you haven’t played Dungeons & Dragons, you might be aware of the infamous Elemental monsters: Earth, Fire, Water, and Air.
This blustery little guy is a perfect monster to inhabit towering Mesa’s or windswept plains, going about his business without a care in the world.
Every Role-player will have found memories of this little blustery little guy. DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: AIR ELEMENTAL

#5  Gold Dragon

Gold Dragons are a shining example of righteous good in the world.
They bring peace to the creatures around them.
They snuff out evil, both politically and with their claws, hoarding treasure from those evil creatures they’ve dispatched.
Gold Dragons are the ultimate masters & mistresses of virtue.
Ideal for a monster-loving miniature painter & Game Master.DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: GOLD DRAGON

#6  Battlefield Rocks

Spice up your miniature bases with some battlefield rocks.
No longer are they just walking through dense brush and forestry… but you can use battlefield rocks to make rocky outcoves, broken steps, riverbeds, mountainous crags, hunting trails, or even semi-constructed roads.
Miniature bases need more than just plants to make it look nice - And for futuristic settings like Warhammer painting bases in Battlefield Rocks is an excellent way to give off an harsh alien environment.
And if you’re painting mini acrylic painting for a D&D or roleplyaing miniature game, then these rocks would make an excellent base for a monstrous miniature or wild character.MINIATURE ACCESSORIES: BATTLEFIELD ROCKS

#7  Basecoating Brush 

Every painter knows they need different brushes for different techniques.
This unique brush is a base coat brush, just the right size that’s uniquely designed to basecoat perfectly.
Use a basecoat brush to apply the bottom coat of paint without it being time consuming (not a fine detail brush) or pooling large pools of paint (fat brush).BASECOATING BRUSH FOR MINAITURE PAINTING

#8  Lowland Shrubs  

Every miniature needs a base.  
Without a base, they look… well… bland. 
Don’t let your newly painted miniatures look bland. 
Warhammer 40k painting apprentices need more flock for their army. 
New painters will need a flock box to really make their miniatures feel immersive, and this  woodland tuft box can be applied to any base with ease.
Perfect for whole armies or even singular minis.MINIATURE ACCESSORIES: LOWLAND SHRUBS  #9  Romulan Warbird 
The rising popularity of Star Trek has caused droves of fans to demand awesome new  miniatures. 
Which is great, because suppliers have now created one of the best miniatures on the market: The Roman Warbird. 


#10  Soundwave (G1)

"Lazerbeak eject, operation surveillance." - Soundwave
Have a little-one that wants to get into painting? 
Have a big-one that loves Transformers & action figures? 
Soundwave is the most recognizable Decepticon: From his undying loyalty, computerized speech, and unique alternate form as a miniaturized cassette tape, Soundwave will have Transformers fans roaring in approval.
This Soundwave miniature can be painted and modeled in a variety of ways, a wonderful addition to any Transformers collection.

 #11  Arcee (G1)

"'Fair play'? Did you actually say that to me, Space Case? You attacked my friends and then ran away! That's why I'm chasing you! You had a head start!" - Arcee
Arcee is a fan-favorite of the Transformers series, but unfortunately, there’s too few models & miniatures of her.
Take home your own version of Arcee, ready to paint and style however you like - Decals included! TRANSFORMERS MINIATURE: SOUNDWAVE

#12  My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Mini Collection 

Lastly, while on the Hasbro train, comes the MLP: FIM collection of Mane 6 characters. 
Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, & Pinkie Pie all together will make any fan of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series jump with joy and rush to grab their paints, completely forgetting about the cinnamon rolls or other presents from Christmas. MY LITTLE PONY MINIATURES COLLECTION

All our mini Christmas presents for D&D miniature painting  

That concludes Wargames Delivered ultimate Holiday-and-Christmas Shopping list! Own a miniature you love, or grab a gift for someone that will bring a smile to their face. 
Didn’t see one you like? Browse our general wargaming paints or paints for miniature figures collection  here for awesome deals and pre-primed miniatures ready for painting!

Ultimate Miniature Painting Gift Guide Written by: Gilean Benton

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